Located in the heart of a busy office area between King’s Cross, Farringdon and Holborn this former office building has remained closed for more than a decade, falling into a derelict state before this exciting project took over: a complete renovation to bring back to life a building with a striking potential.

The design has included a change of use to a modern four star+ hotel; many challenges have been tackled during the process, from a careful exploitation of a 2,000 sqm building, in order to render the investment worthwhile to the necessity to improve the overall BREEAM efficiency to “very good”.

What’s more, the building lies close to a second grade listed building, hence the renovation of the exteriors had to be sensitive towards the English Heritage guidance and the strict planning policies of the Local Public Authority

The final result enhances the character of the project in relation to the neighbouring conservation area whilst bringing the interior to a new level of elegance, efficiency and modernity.